Employment Contracts

Employment contracts are the essential documents which contains the lineaments of negotiable terms that are needed to be abided by both an employee and employer during the tenure of a certain employment. Such a contract helps to protect the interest of the employers and delivers a clear picture of the benefits and compensations that is to be provided to the employees.

This official paperwork also serves as a record for both the concern parties in case of any future alteration. A well constructed employment contracts should always address every detailed aspects that is needed to be followed up by the employees as well as employers. Therefore, detailed contracts are far better and effective than their sketchy counterparts that have too much scope for ambiguity. Hence, drafting a suitable contract document is important and helps to establish the credentials of the employer to its respective employee. Certain factors, as enlisted, have to be followed while documenting an employment contract:

  • Begin with a brief introduction about the information regarding the particular employee and employer. This initial lineation should also include various points like nature of contract i.e. automatically renewable or extension is subjected to negotiation, duration of the stated employment, date of initiating the contract etc.
  • Followed by the introduction a section should be outlined for enumerating the objective of the particular job and its responsibilities needed to be performed by the employee. This section has to be documented properly so that it successfully delivers the business requirement to its potential employee.
  • Aligned with the responsibilities, it is essential to state the benefits and compensation that are to be provided to the employees by the employer.
  • Defining the essential laws that would be subjected on employment contract violation should also be stated.

While drafting an employment contract, one should always remember to make the document industry specific.

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